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Reconciling economy and ecology


Into the future with sustainable electricity

Just as the sun is the source of all life, electricity today forms the basis of our social life and the basis of a flourishing economy. In order to generate electricity permanently and sustainably, we rely on renewable energies from the power of wind and sun. We are also actively involved in the development of future-oriented, sustainable technologies. This is how we shape the future in the municipal network and take ecological responsibility with sense and understanding.

Our values

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Customer focus

Our products are designed to provide the best solutions for you. We optimize all aspects in every process to provide our customers with reliable, sustainable, but above all economical equipment.



The constant search for the best solution to the challenge at hand is our future-oriented intelligence. We are constantly expanding our competencies and our wealth of ideas, driven by curiosity and openness as well as a free spirit.


Will to succeed

In order to position oneself successfully in the market in the long term, the will to succeed is indispensable. We formulate realistic goals and pursue them ambitiously. So at the end of the day, we don’t ask ourselves what we’ve done. We ask ourselves what we have achieved.



We proceed systematically and in a structured manner in all projects, exploiting competencies and thus delivering reliable results. Clearly defined processes that enable reproducible and measurable top performance at all times are what set us apart.


Luis das Neves

Mr. das Neves has 16 years of experience in project development in several European countries. During this time, various projects have been successfully implemented and sold to investors. His main focus is on the acquisition of new projects and the development of new business models in the renewable energy sector.

Sven Eckstein

Mr. Eckstein graduated as an industrial engineer in the field of energy management. In 2007, he began his career at an international company and has since acquired a broad knowledge of technology. As COO, he is responsible for the operational management of all projects.

Energy in harmony

As a specialist in renewable energies, we offer you energy solutions for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. We take responsibility and have set ourselves the goal of making the energy sector more climate-friendly without losing sight of profitability. We support our customers on their way to a sustainable future. When selecting our project locations, we pay attention to every single detail and take into account the individual circumstances on site. Our committed employees take care of your concerns competently and professionally.